Collective Intelligence

Combined Strength

Measurable Quality Care

Collective Intelligence

Working for the good of the O&P field started with our organization in 1995, and since then, the OPIE Team has created tools to help O&P practices to “Work Smarter, Not Harder™”. From managing the oandp.list to creating to developing the OPIE Practice Management Software, the OPIE Team has successfully created digital solutions to bring O&P knowledge, experience, and data together for the benefit of O&P patients.

The OPIE Choice Network is the next step in the evolutionary process of creating solutions to help O&P practices and patients. By developing a network of independent O&P practices from around the country, this uniquely designed organization…

  • Stimulates collaboration,
  • Develops collective efforts, and
  • Utilizes data to drive the entire O&P profession forward.

Process Standardization

Creating clinical “Best Practices” based on real data from hundreds of practices

Management Dashboards

Comparing individual practice performance against real-world, national benchmarks

Billing & Collection Services

Centralizing non-clinical functions to optimize practice efficiency

Combined Strength

With over 980 locations utilizing the OPIE Software platform, a powerful opportunity exists for OPIE practices to leverage their data, their purchasing power, and their expertise for the good of each business individually as well as collectively. The OPIE Choice Network is uniquely positioned to bring its members the ability to remain an independent, successful business while leveraging the power of a dramatically larger pool of like-minded businesses to impact all aspects of their business.

True power in the healthcare world is now driven by those who gather, analyze and understand the data about their patient populations. The OPIE Choice Network brings together its members to create real-world information that can be used to…

  • Compare and improve O&P patient care protocols,
  • Quantify the value of O&P care to others in the healthcare world, and
  • Impact the cost structure of O&P businesses throughout the country.

Collaborative Purchasing

Reducing product and supply costs through combined member commitments

Business Analytics

Collaborating to develop metrics and benchmarks to improve performance in all aspects of a practice

Patient Outcomes

Aggregating patient data to change the discussion about O&P throughout the healthcare world

Measurable Quality Care

Every day, with every patient, clinicians strive to find the optimum way to create success. Often times, clinical decisions made are based on limited data due to the past struggles of the O&P profession to document patient outcomes. However, with the expansion of clinical documentation software and the validation of patient outcome tools, it is now possible for practitioners to develop standardized patient protocols with their peers.

Gathering detailed information about O&P patient care is the first step in a long road to create a different dialogue for our profession. The OPIE Choice Network is committed to…

  • Driving data-based discussions with referral sources,
  • Explaining patient care protocols to patients, and
  • Communicating with payers in a new data-focused manner that elevates the standing of O&P as a provider of medical care.

C-Fab Integration

Improving the fabrication process to minimize patient wait while optimizing successful patient results with their device

Consulting Services

Experienced experts providing unbiased, data-based feedback on both clinical and business aspects of an organization

Patient Satisfaction

Measuring how patients feel about their care and improving clinical protocols based on their feedback